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Greece: Find your oracle. VIP tour

For thousands of years, people have been bringing their most sincere questions to the shrines of ancient oracles. Their message is still alive. Let’s hear it together.

  1. Tour dates: April 30 – May 09 (dates of stay in Greece, no flights).
  2. Number of days: 10 days / 9 nights in Greece (without flight)
  3. Where to: Greece.
  4. Where to fly to: to the city of Athens.
  5. We visit: Ancient cities, sites of the Great Mysteries in the ancient world, sanctuaries, sea, bays, lakes, amphitheater, museums and temples.
  6. Accommodation: in 5 and 4* hotels.
  7. Visa: a Schengen visa is required.
  8. Insurance: standard medical insurance for traveling abroad (optional).
  9. Vaccinations: not required.
  10. Tour cost: from 2750 euros.
  11. Escort: The group is accompanied by Russian-speaking guide-translator Natalia McGovern.
  12. Organizer: Travellers’ Club “All Ways”.

What’s unique about our tour:

– a group of like-minded people (small group – maximum 10 people)

– visiting rare spiritual places where tourists are not taken (sanctuary of the oracle of Zeus in Dodona, ruins of the temple of Hera on the shore of the Gulf of Corinth).

– tours at a relaxed pace with an emphasis on spiritual exploration and the connection of outer and inner beauty.

– specially selected 5* and 4* hotels and the best restaurants.



Trail host: Natalia McGovern.


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