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Journey to India “Oriental Tales. Rajasthan + Taj Mahal

India is so diverse! On this journey, you will discover the magical India of your childhood, of Oriental fairy tales and movies, where luxurious painted palaces that plunge us headlong into the times of the rajas (kings). Rajasthan literally means “Land of the Rajas” – influential people – kings, princes. On this trip you will also see the legendary Taj Mahal at sunset and in the first rays of the sun at dawn.

As a gift for all participants of the seminar: professional photo and video session in the scenery of the historic Hotel Marigold Best of the Exotic in costume and with horses. You will be provided with beautiful Indian outfits and a professional makeup artist.

In addition to excursions and a seminar, the program includes master classes (optional):

  • on drawing Rajasthani miniatures;
  • on putting on a sari and painting hands with henna (mendi);
  • culinary master class, an opportunity to learn how to cook Rajasthani dishes.

  1. Tour dates: February 12 to 22, 2023. (dates of stay in India, no flight).
  2. Number of days: 11 days / 10 nights.
  3. Where to: India.
  4. Where to fly: The program begins in Delhi and ends in Delhi. From Delhi, fly straight to Udaipur.
  5. Accommodation: in 3* and 4* hotels.
  6. Visa: required, can be arranged online for citizens of Russia, Kazakhstan, USA, Canada, etc.
  7. Insurance: standard medical insurance for traveling abroad (issued on request).
  8. Vaccinations and PCR-tests: you can fly without vaccinations, but then you need a pcr-test. If there is a vaccination, a pcr test is not necessary.
  9. Cost of the tour: $1,550.
  10. Escort: The group is accompanied by a Russian-speaking guide.


Lake Pushkar
Agra, Taj Mahal
Delhi, Aurobindo Ashram


Natalia Zubchenko: Associate of the International Roerich Memorial Trust in the Himalayas in 2019-2022. He lives in the Himalayan valley of Kulu, in the city of Manali.
“The idea behind our travels is that we are in no hurry to go anywhere. The Himalayas have now become a place of finding new meanings. To catch and understand them, you need to take time for yourself and with yourself. I would love for those who have lost themselves in the world, lost their meanings and hopes, to come here and see that it is possible to be happy in different ways. The usual patterns of behavior don’t work here and you’ll have to find new ones with which to return home strong and perhaps happy.”

Travel program

India travel program

Day 1. Arrival in Delhi. Flight from Delhi to Udaipur.
Departure from Delhi to Udaipur at 7.00 am (you can fly into Delhi at night and fly straight from Delhi airport to Udaipur). Arrival in Udaipur.
Accommodation in a cozy hotel Kehloor, breakfast, rest and go to get acquainted with beautiful Udaipur, the ancient capital of the Rajput principality of Mewar.

Udaipur – The White City of Rajasthan, the Venice of India, is famous for fine cuisine, incredibly beautiful lakes, ancient palaces, miniature paintings.
The program includes a visit to the City Palace on Lake Pichola. It consists of 11 inner palaces, you can take a long walk there and learn about the history of the rulers of Udaipur.
Boat trip on Lake Pichola.Stop at Jag Mandir Island.
Lunch and a stroll through the many stores in town.
Evening dance folk show: ancient dances of Rajasthan.
Dinner at the hotel restaurant overlooking Udaipur at night.

Day 2. Udaipur – White City
Morning walk in the center with a visit to the Jagdish Mandir Temple, the temple of Vishnu, a world pilgrimage site and a unique architectural ensemble. Many travelers go to Udaipur for this temple.
Drive to the Monsoon Palace, located high above the city. It has a beautiful view of the city and lakes of Udaipur.
Drive to Badi lake and Bahubali hill and have lunch in nature.
Back to town and we go to a master class on painting Rajasthani miniatures. Through personal immersion in ancient art, you will be able to enjoy Rajasthani paintings more.
A walk along the evening promenade.
Romantic dinner at a restaurant overlooking Lake Pichola.


Day 3. Transfer to the suburb of Udaipur to the legendary Marigold Hotel
Transfer to Hotel Ravla Khempur.
Accommodation and introduction to the legendary 1620-built hotel, made famous in the movies “Marigold Hotel Best of the Exotic” and “Marigold Hotel Occupancy Continues” with Richard Gere.
The hotel has an outdoor swimming pool.
Walk to the lake (on horseback or in a horse-drawn wagon) and lunch on the shore.
A master class on donning a sari and painting hands with henna.
Dinner and a “Marigold Hotel” movie in the cozy hotel lounge.


Day 4.
After breakfast professional photo shoot and shooting a mini movie for the group in the hotel scenery. You will be provided with beautiful Indian outfits and a professional makeup artist. Each band member will receive professional photos and videos.
Culinary Master Class. An opportunity to learn how to cook Rajasthani dishes.
An evening of traditional Rajasthani music around the campfire.

Day 5. Pushkar is a city of world pilgrimage.
After lunch we move to the town of Pushkar, home to the world’s only Brahma temple and a legendary sacred lake.
Pushkar is a city of world pilgrimage.
On the way we stop by Chittorgarh Fort, one of the largest forts in India, erected in the eighth century and has seen the grand rise and fall of empires. The fort has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List
We are accommodated in the beautiful Vela Resort 3* hotel and have a rest.

Day 6. February 18, 2023. Pushkar Lake – puja and ritual circumambulation of the lake. Savitri Temple
We go to the temple of the god Brahma, it is next to the hotel.
On the shore of the lake we can perform puja (prayer) for all our relatives and friends, pujaris help us in this, they accompany us in a beautiful ritual and tell us what to do.
Walking around the local market. There are stores here where you can buy silver and stones.
A cable car rides high up to the ancient temple of Savitri, wife of the god Brahma.
In the evening we make a traditional circumambulation (parikrama) around the lake.

Day 7. Agra. The legendary Taj Mahal at sunset.
We’re leaving for Agra.
In Agra, we check into a hotel, have lunch, and rest after the long drive.
In the evening we go to admire the Taj Mahal at sunset, from the back side of the complex, where they usually shoot all the view panoramas and movies.

Day 8. The Taj Mahal at dawn. Akbar’s fort and tomb.
The final event of our trip is a visit to the Taj Mahal complex in the morning. We walk around the huge beautiful grounds, go inside the tomb.
After lunch we visit the fort and tomb of Akbar, the great Mughal ruler who changed the course of India’s history. The fort is both a palace and a fortification structure. No Akbar and Mughal movie is without shooting in this place. The Taj Mahal is visible from the walls of the fort.

Day 9. Transfer to Delhi. Aurobindo’s Ashram.
Depart Delhi and check in at the historic Aurobindo Ashram near the airport. Another jewel of our journey through protected India.
Here we will have a rest before going home, meditate in the beautiful meditation hall, buy useful souvenirs in the ashram store: Aurobindo’s scented sticks and oils are known far beyond the borders of India.
We both have lunch and dinner at the ashram.
Transfer to the airport in the evening, overnight or next day morning.


Day 10. Departure from Delhi for home.



Cost of travel



The cost of the trip includes:

  • Participation in all program activities
  • Breakfasts
  • Lunches and dinners at Hotel Ravla Khempur (2 days) and at Aurobindo Ashram (1 day)
  • Celebration dinner on February 14 (alcoholic beverages included)
  • Hotel accommodation in a twin room (single supplement $200)
  • All transportation during the trip from Udaipur airport on Feb. 13 to Delhi airport on Feb. 22
  • All admission tickets
  • First aid kit
  • Information and organizational support
  • Assistance with e-visa processing.

Not included in the price of the trip:

  • Flights to and from Delhi
  • A domestic flight from Delhi to Udaipur (Udaipur) on 2/13/2023 is about $50.
  • India visa (e-visa for 30 days, done in 48 hours) – about 50$
  • Medical insurance (for those traveling abroad, optional)
  • Lunches and dinners (2 days at Hotel Ravla Khempur lunches and dinners included, 1 day at Aurobindo Ashram).