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Journey to Mexico “Secrets of the Pyramids”

We will travel to the City of the Gods – Teotihuacan, where we will not only walk through the ancient streets, but also fly over it in hot air balloons. We will see from a bird’s eye view the most ancient pyramids on the territory of Mexico and on the Pyramid of the Sun we will dream so that the gods will come down to us and put at our feet everything we want .

On this fabulous journey we will visit many lost Mayan cities: Palenque, Ushmal, Yaxchilan. We will see ancient pyramids, temples, and palaces. Each of these ancient cities is unique in its own way and, of course, scientists explain the history and purpose of their origin in different ways. We will hear some versions, but most importantly, we will be able to be pioneers ourselves – to feel the energy of these places, to attune, to unravel the symbols… There will be time for quiet contemplation and meditation at places of power on our journey.

We will also be staying in quaint colonial towns that you can’t help but fall in love with. So colorful, distinctive and welcoming are they. We will visit cute cafes where national mariachi songs are played and sung . Real Mexican dancing in sambreros and national Mexican cuisine await us. You can’t sit back in Mexico – everyone dances!

Mexico is not just about old colonial cities and pyramids. It’s also rich in nature! The “mystical” Maya city of Yaxchilan, located deep in the jungle, can only be reached by waterway, by boat, which we will do.

We will visit hidden caves and grottoes, reach waterfalls known only to locals, walk through one of the most beautiful canyons in the world de Sumidero and observe wild animals, monkeys and exotic birds inhabiting it. We will see volcanoes. We will bathe in crystal clear karst lakes – cenotes, which for the indigenous people were sacred and were the entrance to another world – the world of spirits and deities living deep underground.

We will stop by Indian villages where mysterious rituals are still performed. Experience the wonderful spirit of Mexican “magical settlements” – small towns that have preserved their appearance, culture and traditions for centuries. We’ll meet the shamans.

  1. Tour dates: April 30 to May 10 , 2022 (dates in Mexico, no flights). For those who want to relax after a busy program – you can stay from May 10 on the beaches in Cancun or Playa del Carmen, swim and sunbathe as much as you want.

  2. Number of days: 11 days / 10 nights.

  3. Where to: Mexico.

  4. Where to fly to: The program starts in Mexico City and ends in Cancun.

    The group flies direct Aeroflot flight Moscow – Cancun – Moscow.

  5. Accommodation: in 4* hotels.

  6. Visa: not required if you have a valid US visa. For the rest of us, pre-issue an electronic entry permit on the Mexican Embassy’s website – in 2 minutes from the comfort of our home and free of charge.

  7. Insurance: standard medical insurance for traveling abroad.

  8. Vaccinations and PCR tests: not required

  9. Tour cost: from $1790.

  10. Escort: The group is accompanied by a Russian-speaking guide.

  11. Organizer: Travellers’ Club “All Ways”.

May holidays on the Pyramid of the Sun!


Mexico City, Teotihuacan
Monte Alban
Cañón de Sumidero
San Cristobal
Playa Del Carmen, Cancun.

Maria Morozova is a professional guide and traveler. He lives in Mexico and has been driving groups around that country since 2008. Maria about herself “Traveling has been and still is the main passion in my life, and even after all the years I’ve spent in the country, I can’t stop finding new amazing places here that I’m happy to introduce you to.”


Travel program

1 day. Arrival in Mexico City, the capital of Mexico. Vacation. Familiarity. Dinner in a restaurant with national dances and songs.

Day 2. Mexico City sightseeing tour. Museum of Anthropology.
In the morning we will visit the National Museum of Anthropology, which has a unique collection of pre-Columbian artifacts found throughout Mexico. We will see the original Aztec Calendar, treasures from the burial site of King Pacal, statues of the Gods of the Olmec, Mayan, Aztec civilizations, and more. Further along the route we will see the places from which these items were brought.
After lunch, we will take a stroll around the central places in Mexico City.

Day 3. The ancient city of the gods Teotihuacan. Pyramids of the Sun and Moon. Balloon flight.
Transfer to the “City of Angels” Puebla, mountains and volcanoes.

City of the Gods – TeotihuacanThe history of its prosperity and decline remains a mystery to this day, as does the disappearance of this once great civilization. The pyramids of the Sun and the Moon, which rise in this city, are the oldest in Mexico. They are compared to the Egyptian pyramids at Giza.
Morning hot air balloon ride over Teotihuacan (optional). Then we will walk along the Road of the Dead, where grand processions once moved, climb the majestic pyramids of the Moon and the Sun. These are very powerful energetic places, so we will sit in silence, meditate, to feel from the silence what is really important for each of us, what we want to fill our lives with.

After lunch we will transfer to the city of Puebla, which is surrounded by four volcanoes, one of which is active. The city is made in the Mexican Baroque style and is a Unesco World Heritage Site. Puebla has preserved a huge number of old buildings, historical monuments and about 100 churches in its central part alone. The facades of the buildings are decorated with ceramic tiles. We will learn about traditional pottery painting, walk through the artists’ district with galleries, workshops and art schools, and visit folk art markets with pottery, glass and clay products. Puebla is not in vain called the gastronomic capital of Mexico, here we will be able to taste the famous chocolate mole sauce and Mexican sweets.

Day 4. The holiday city of Oaxaca.

Oaxaca surprises with its variety of colors and mix of cultures. We will admire the old colonial buildings, numerous squares and galleries, see the main cathedral and the church of Santo Domingo, visit the central city market and taste the main Indian delicacy – fried grasshoppers soaked in chili, garlic or lemon juice.

Day 5. The ancient Zapotec city of Monte Alban.
An ancient Thule tree that is 2,000 years old!
A mescal factory.
The frozen mountain waterfalls and mineral water pools of Hierve El Agua.

A few kilometers from downtown Oaxaca are the ruins of the center of the Zapotec civilization, the city of Monte Alban. That’s where we’re going today. We will climb to the top of the hill, about two thousand meters above sea level, and walk through one of the most important cities of Mesoamerica. The ceremonial center of this city is a monumental complex with palaces, terraces and multi-level squares connected by numerous stone staircases. Remains of pyramids, temples, a ball field, an ancient observatory, many burials and tombs have been discovered here, with many ancient artifacts and gold jewelry.

We continue our journey through the state of Oaxaca, and today we will have the unique opportunity to see one of the oldest trees on earth – the Tule tree – over 2000 years old!

Visit a home factory for the production of mescal, a drink popular in Mexico no less than tequila, made from a special variety of agave.

We will then head towards another Mexican natural wonder of frozen waterfalls and mineral water pools, Hierve El Agua. We will see and bathe in natural pools of emerald water located in the mountains on the bluffs. It’s a cosmic experience of a lifetime!

Day 6. Canyon de Sumidero – bird’s eye view and boat ride through the canyon.
The hippie town in the mountains is San Cristobal De Las Casas.

Today we will visit one of the most beautiful canyons in the world, the Canyon de Sumidero, which is amazing in its scale. The length of the canyon is 32 km and the height of its walls in the highest part is about 1 km. By boat we will take an amazing journey through the canyon along amazing natural formations, caves and waterfalls, observe the wildlife, monkeys and see real live crocodiles!

We will then arrive in San Cristobal, one of Mexico’s most Amerindian cities, famous for both its marvelous baroque colonial architecture and cultural events. It’s a place where European culture coexists peacefully with Native American culture. It is a city of narrow streets soaked with the smell of coffee, old Spanish houses and small squares. A place where they dance marimba in the main square and play jazz in the neighborhood bar. A large number of European hippies live and visit the city.

Day 7. Today is a day of mysticism and shamanism.
San Juan De Chamula and Zinacanan communities.

In the early morning, we will travel back in time and visit authentic Mayan Tzotsil Indian communities hidden in the Chiapas Mountains. The locals, not all of whom speak Spanish, wear traditional national costumes and perform rituals that are mysterious to us.

San Juan De Chamula is one of the largest communities in the highlands of Chiapas, known for the church of San Juan Bautista and the pagan ceremonies held there involving the consumption of coca cola, the alcoholic drink poche, and the sacrifice of poultry. Zinakanan is a neighboring community famous for its colorful hand embroidery.

We may be lucky enough to meet and spend an unforgettable time with a local shaman.

Day 8. The ancient city of the Mayan culture of Palenque.

Transfer to one of the most picturesque ancient cities – the mysterious and enigmatic Palenque, which has fascinated many researchers of Mayan culture. It is located in the center of the rainforest, surrounded by lush vegetation, at the foot of the Chiapas Mountains. The architecture of this city is unique, not like other cities of Mayan culture. We will see the greatest monuments of ancient art – stone portraits of the rulers of the city, temples of the Sun, the Cross and the Deciduous Cross. Wander through the nooks and crannies of the once huge palace, learn the chronicle of the dynasty of its rulers, and the mystery of the famous Temple of Inscriptions. Here in 1955, Mexican archaeologist Alberto Lutz Luillier made the most ambitious discovery during the study of Maya culture – he discovered the tomb of the city’s ruler, Pacal the Great.

Day 9. The “mystical” Mayan city of Yaxchilan, lost deep in the jungle. Let’s visit another country – Guatemala!

Today we will leave the beaten tourist paths and travel to the ruins of Yaxchilan, a mysterious ancient city of the Classic Maya period, lost deep in the jungle with rare animals, tropical birds and howler monkeys living there. Narrow paths will lead us to palaces and temples hidden under huge trees with intertwining roots and giant vines. Yaxchilan – called the most “mystical” Mayan city. You can only get here by water, by boat on the wide Usumacinta River, which is the border between Guatemala and Mexico.

After walking through ancient ruins and pyramids in the jungle, we’ll step onto the shore of the country that Mexico borders – Guatemala! Taste the flavor of Guatemala and get on the road again.

Day 10. The pirate city of Campeche.
Campeche is a fortress city located on the Gulf Coast and was once the most important trading center. Due to its strategic coastal position, the city was often attacked by pirates, which forced the locals to erect a fortress wall with 8 bastions in 1786. Here you can feel the leisurely rhythm of a small Mexican town, stroll through the narrow streets of the old center, along the long and wide waterfront, ride along the Gulf of Mexico, past small fishing villages.

Day 11. The ancient Mayan city of Ushmal – Karst Lake (Cenote) is a resort town on the Caribbean Sea Playa del Carmen.

Today we will visit a grandiose monument of Mayan architecture – the city of Ushmal, rightfully called one of the most beautiful and elegant Mayan cities. It was once the only city where women could gain knowledge on an equal footing with men. They flocked here from all over the Yucatan Peninsula to become priestesses. We learn the secrets of the amazing, unlike any other, ellipse-shaped Wizard Pyramid.

We will end the day with a swim in one of the karst lakes, natural wonders on the Yucatan Peninsula. Cenotes – special karst formations – lakes, wells and entire cave complexes with underground rivers – were sacred to the indigenous people and were an entrance to another world, the world of spirits and deities living deep underground. After refreshing ourselves in the crystal clear water, we will move on to our vacation spot in Playa del Carmen.

This is the end of our official tour program.

Day 12 onwards. A vacation at sea.
The tourist town of Playa del Carmen is located on the Caribbean Sea 1 hour drive from the world famous resort in Cancun. Here you can relax on your own, bask in the sun and swim as much as you want. Return flight from Cancun.


Cost of travel


$1790 Pre-registration discount. Leave an application and get a discount!

Flights to and from Mexico are not included.