About Us

Elena Sitnikova and Vladimir Poda, founders of the All Ways Travel Club, talk about their activities.

About All Paths Travel Club and Company

The founders of the company and travel club “All Ways”:

Vladimir Poda and Elena Sitnikova (married couple).

We began our activities in 2012 in Russia. The first group of travelers to Nepal gathered among our friends and acquaintances from various Russian-speaking countries. We called ourselves and our activities “All Ways” travel club, as we all share a love of travel and spiritual development. Everyone enjoyed the trip so much that the participants suggested that we continue this activity. We did, and trips to Nepal became regular. Then, in 2013, we organized our first trip to Tibet. She became even more successful. We have been asked to do more programs in Tibet each season. Because of the high altitude and special conditions, this season is quite short – from May to October. Since then, we try to make several trips every year to this mysterious country. Then the geography of our travels expanded, adding India, Israel, and Egypt.
In 2019, we moved to the US state of California and incorporated ALL WAYS INTERNATIONAL LLC here. The title “ALL WAYS” translates as “All Ways. Since we are now in America ourselves most of the time, we have added Peru, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Brazil to our list of countries as well. The geography of travel expands every year. Members of the travel club “All the Ways” have a cumulative discount – the more you travel, the greater the discount. The principle is – the more you travel with us, the less you pay. Anyone who has traveled with us on a tour can become a member of the club.
We travel ourselves to these countries, we invite you too!
Russian-speaking people from all over the world join us on our journeys – we are people of the world!

The name of the company and travel club “All Ways” has two meanings:

  • All Roads (Travel Around the World)
  • All spiritual paths.

We believe that all spiritual paths converge at the top-no matter which side of the mountain you come in from. In our project we combine all roads and spiritual paths in one – in travels to places of power, pilgrimage routes, natural places of incredible beauty. We are invited to share our interest, to have a spiritual experience by visiting holy places, receiving blessings from the Gurus in the places where we go. Such trips help us and those who travel with us to advance on the spiritual path and live happily!

Living the Wonderful! Join in!

About our travels

We choose special places where it will be easier for you to enrich yourself spiritually, where great masters of the past and present of different traditions have been performing spiritual practices and meditating for thousands of years. Places where conscious civilizations lived, and also natural places of power.

These are author’s routes, designed by people who know and love these places well. They can walk with you not beaten tourist trails, but show something unique.

We value the uniqueness of each person and try to create a friendly atmosphere on the trips that promotes the potential of each participant.

We travel in small groups to be more flexible on the route and to give more attention to each participant.

Our goal is to make another facet of this multifaceted existence available to you, to enrich you through new encounters – with places, people, nature, and knowledge.