Affiliate Program

Members of the travel club, as well as any individual or organization you wish, can become a “Partner.”
To do this, he needs to tell us about it and register with us as a “Partner”.
To become a partner can a person or organization that recommended us to their friends, relatives and acquaintances. To do this, we use special links that allow us to identify from whom a new traveler came.
A new traveler coming from us goes on a tour at the price listed on our website. After completion of the tour, after the completion date specified in the program of this tour – within a month we pay a reward of 10% of the cost of the tour for each person recommended by you.
After this recommended person(s) went to their
the first trip – he (they) may optionally become a member of the Travelers Club with all his rights: to a savings discount on travel, a commission for people recommended to him. All subsequent trips of the recommended person(s) are not subject to the commission.

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