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Review by Ekaterina Afanasyeva about traveling in Israel with Kerl in December 2017

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Traveling to Israel with Curl was my first trip to that country. I’ve read a lot and heard a lot from friends who have been there and live there about beautiful Israel. But what Kerl showed me was something extraordinary! It was like I was transported back a few millennia. Traveled back to the time of the Atlanteans. Touched my innermost secrets.

Bathed in the Holy Waters of Israel. The company was great! And most importantly, we’re all on the same page! We talked a lot, laughed a lot, shared Knowledge. This trip can’t be compared to a normal tourist trip. The warm welcome everywhere we stayed, the care and love of Kerl and her friends was felt in every moment. It’s been a year! I remember our trip with Love and Gratitude!


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