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Sadhguru. Kailash. A Touch of the Mystical.

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“К Кайлашу идут, потому что это нечто настолько величественное, что, даже если вы проведёте там всю свою жизнь, он по-прежнему будет манить вас всю жизнь.”
– Садхгуру.

Sadhguru on Kailas. Tibet.
Do you know the name Sadhguru?
You probably do, even if you’re not particularly interested in spirituality. As thousands of people gather for meetings with his participation. He is filmed on television, famous people come to see him, such as the legendary boxer Mike Tyson, movie star Matthew McConaughey, etc. For Russians, he is known because the meeting at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in May 2018 was organized by Herman Gref, head of Sberbank.

Information from Wikipedia:
Jaggi Vasudev (English. Jaggi Vasudev, better known as Sadhguru. Sadhguru; born. September 3, 1957, Mysore) is an Indian yogi and mystic. Founder of the Isha Charitable Foundation, which runs yoga programs around the world.

Kailash has been considered a sacred mountain since time immemorial. Sadhguru explains that Kailash is a library of mystical knowledge, recounting its significance and the experience of the pilgrimage.
Below are his statements in the form of answers to questions from his followers.

I participated in the Kailash trek in 2012, and you did an initiation for each participant. It became one of the most important experiences of my life. Could you tell us more about that?

As a rule, initiation has a specific purpose. Initiation into Shunya Meditation allows you to reach a meditative state, giving you enough energy and awareness to make a separation between yourself and your psychological processes. In the same way, there are different types of initiations for different purposes. At Kailash, we are not looking for an experience, but to make ourselves available for the incredible possibilities it contains, which is the main thing. Such an initiation is like opening a door for you and allows you to soak up the atmosphere of this phenomenal place as much as possible. Each of you will experience this initiation differently. If you are ready and open, you will discover something extraordinary.

Sadhguru, you called Kailash a library of mystical knowledge. Where exactly are they stored there? In a particular element, such as the akasha, or the entire mountain?

In terms of knowledge storage, the akasha element is important, but if you store information only in the etheric aspect, it will be fragile. Therefore, all physical matter, including all five elements, is involved in its storage. But beyond that, there is a non-physical dimension, energy, which has nothing to do with the five elements. It serves as a permanent repository. Kailash, for the most part, is just that. Because of this, the elements also resonate in a special way. Through this non-physical dimension they reach their highest degree of expression.

In the modern world and in modern science, knowledge is considered a set of conclusions drawn from the observation of a particular dimension or aspect of nature. Here, by contrast, knowledge is not a set of conclusions, but rather a powerful stimulant. If you touch it, it will open up new dimensions in and around you. This knowledge is not the result of conclusions, it is stimulating. Once you touch it, a fire will erupt inside of you. And this knowledge is available to you.

You said that the yogis, whose blessings and burdens were to carry knowledge not available to ordinary people, left them in the Himalayas. Is that why you go to Kailash every year?

One does not go to Kailash to leave one’s mark. That’s the last thing I would do. People go to Kailash because it is something so majestic that even if you spend your whole life there, it will still beckon to you. This is my tenth trip to Kailash, although I am not a fan of pilgrimages. Wherever I am, I can just close my eyes and that’s enough for me, there’s no need for me to go anywhere. I’m not going to Kailash because I can’t sit still, I’m not looking to find Shiva or find myself. I am drawn to the majesty and vastness of Kailash. No matter how many times you look at it, no matter how close you approach it, you discover something new every time.. The only thing that could be an excuse not to go there is leg or lung problems.

Traces of the Yogis can be found in many places–in the Velliangiri Mountains in southern India, in Kailash, and in many parts of the Himalayas. Although much time has passed and many events have occurred since then, these traces are still clearly discernible. The traces of those who worked not with the body or mind, but with the very core of their being, are eternal.


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Other Sayings of Sadhguru on Kailas and Lake Manasarovar in Tibet.
Kailas – Mountain of knowledge and knowledge of grace. In terms of the Inner Dimensions, everything you ever want to know about your creation, existence and liberation is present in Kailas. If there is a desire to raise your perception to sufficient clarity, you can dig into this endless library. Kailas is known as the Abode of Shiva, who in yogic culture is perceived not as God, but as Atiyog – the first ( original) yogi and the first yoga teacher.

“Manasarovar” means “Lake of Consciousness,” and is considered the most sacred lake in the world with healing properties. It is a kind of mystical phenomenon that is inextricably linked to the human system. Manasarovar is revered as the home of Kalpavriksha, the wish-fulfilling divine tree, and considered the source of all Creation.

Sadhguru says that Kailas and Manasarovar are amazing in terms of experience. His own contact with this sacred realm he described as “beyond what I have seen so far.

The Mandala spacesof Kailas are revered as the spiritual center of the Universe in the five world traditions and are the subject of countless legends.

Beginning with Shiva himself, many great beings have chosen Kailas to augment and preserve their knowledge. Rishabhadev, the saints of the Bon religion, the great Buddhist teacher Agastiyamuni, they all chose Kailash Parvat.

Some believe that the word Darchen ( the village where the bark around Kailas begins) is a mispronunciation. It is correct to say Darshan, because this is the place from which you can receive the Darshan (a glimpse, a transmission of spiritual insight) of the great Kailas.

There is a legend in Tibetan tradition that every time a certain number of realized beings gather in this place, Gautama Buddha physically manifests…

The sheer grandiosity of Kailas draws me there. No matter how many times or how many ways you look at Kailas, there are endless other ways to look at it.

The temple was not created as a place of God or a place of prayer. It was created as a place of energy where everyone could come and be filled with it.

We are all the same energy… This energy can be as animal energy, and this energy can work as divine energy. When I say “divine,” I’m not talking about you as a person. I’m talking about the body itself. The physical body itself can be transformed into a Divine essence if we simply reorganize our systems in a certain way.

The physical body should not be limited by physical laws. It can function and operate in a completely different dimension. Many yogis have attained the state of the body of Light, which allows them to worship their body because it has become like a Divine essence. It’s transformable energy – fully engineered.
The word “yoga” means Union. Union means that you begin to experience the universality of who you are. For example, today, modern science proves to you beyond any doubt that all existence is just one energy manifested in various forms. If this scientific fact becomes a living reality for you, you begin to experience everything as a yogi. When you are in yoga, you experience everything as part of yourself. It is liberation, it is mukti, or nirvana, that is, absolute freedom.

Author of the article: Vladimir Poda. The article is based on sayings and quotations from Sadhguru.

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