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Brazilian vacation


12 days / 11 nights in Nepal


Tour dates: any dates.

Number of days: 12 days / 11 nights.

Entry into the country: visa for citizens of Russia, USA, Canada, etc. I don’t need it.

Where to: Brazil.

Where to fly: The program begins and ends in São Paulo.

Accommodation: in hotels from 4*.

Accompaniment: The group is accompanied by an experienced guide in Russian or English (language on request).

Number of people in the group: from 2.

Cost of the tour: 3100 USD.

On this trip you will get to know Brazil from all sides. You will visit two major cities, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. You’ll visit a real wild jungle and swim in the Amazon. See the largest waterfalls in the world Iguazu from two sides – Brazilian and Argentine.


São Paulo
Rio de Janeiro
São Paulo


Travel program

Day 1. São Paulo

Arrival at São Paulo airport. Transfer to the hotel.

Day 2. São Paulo

São Paulo is a major Brazilian metropolis bursting with museums, parks and ancient architecture juxtaposed with skyscrapers. The comfortable temperature and abundance of attractions make it a paradise for tourists. São Paulo has been called the Latin American Chicago for its vibrancy. “I am not a wingman, a leader,” reads the city’s motto.

You will travel to the historic center of the city. Se Square, Cathedral, visit to the world’s largest Japanese quarter, Founding Square, drive over the Tea Bridge, tour of the Municipal Opera and Ballet Theater, visit to the Station Square, tour of the commuter train station, visit to the Municipal Market, Republic Square, tour of the Italian Terrace building. Next, you will explore the modern city – the central avenue of Paulista, Ibirapuera Park. The huge territory of the park is decorated with water channels, lakes, sprawling trees, equipped with sports and playgrounds, bicycle paths. There is also the Obelisk, a monument erected in honor of the heroes of the 1932 Revolution, and the Bandeiras Monument, erected in memory of the expeditions that went in search of gold and precious stones in the first century after the discovery of Brasilia. And at the end – a tour of the elite neighborhoods, an introduction to the modern architecture of the city, and a visit to the graphite district.

Day 3. São Paulo to Manaus. Traveling through the Amazon jungle.

Transfer to the airport. Flight to Manaus*. Transfer and accommodation at the hotel. Dinner and evening program.

From Manaus you enter the jungle, where you settle in lodges and experience a life full of exoticism. You can wander through the jungle or go fishing. And during a night safari full of jungle sounds, you can see crocodile eyes.

*You must arrive in Manaus before 4:00 pm and leave after 2:30 pm. In all other cases you will need to pay extra for individual transfer to/from the lodge (not included in the program price).

Day 4. Manaus. Amazon and the jungle

Breakfast at the hotel. Boat excursion on the waters of the Amazon River. Fishing for piranhas on a rod from the side of the boat. Visit to the village of Koboklo, where you will get acquainted with the life, traditions and customs of the indigenous population of the Amazon. Walk around the jungle village surroundings and discover the local flora and fauna. During the tour, your guide will teach you jungle survival lessons and how to distinguish poisonous plants from edible ones. He will also teach you how to shoot poison arrows.


extra charge

can be ordered:

“Meeting of the Rivers” excursion

(taken on the way to/from the Lodge. Possible only with day transfers) ($150 for 1 person)

You go to the place where the two rivers meet. The confluence of waters is a unique natural phenomenon that occurs at the confluence of the Rio Negro and the Solimões (the name of the upper reaches of the Amazon River). Locals have also come up with a more romantic name for this phenomenon – “river wedding”. This is where the black waters of the Rio Negro merge with the yellow waters of the Solimões River. And it is after this place that the river is called the Amazon on all maps. It is worth noting that although the rivers merge into one, but due to the different water density and temperature, a clear boundary between the waters of the two rivers can be seen for about 6 kilometers. The color of the water is quite simple to explain: the Solimoesnes washes out quite a bit of yellow soil on its way, which gives it its color, while the Rio Negro flows through more rocky terrain and washes out mostly black rocks, which give it its color. When you run your hand over the water you can feel the difference in water temperature.

Swimming with pink dolphins

($100 for 1 person).

A unique swimming experience with Amazo pink dolphins! You will learn a lot of interesting things about these unique mammals, and most importantly – you will experience indescribable delight from communicating with them. You will also be able to feed the dolphins and take pictures with them.

Day 5. Manaus – Rio de Janeiro

Transfer to the airport. Manaus to Rio de Janeiro flight.

Arrival at Rio de Janeiro airport. Transfer to the hotel.

Rio de Janeiro
– is green hills, blue skies, rocky mountains, beautiful bays, islands, beautiful beaches … The second largest city in Brazil (after São Paulo) and certainly one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The blue ocean water beckons to the beaches. Numerous outdoor cafes on the beaches will quench your thirst with cold coconut water, fresh juices and other beverages. This is where

Day 6. Rio de Janeiro

After breakfast, a half-day excursion (4 hours) to Sugar Loaf Mountain (Pao de Azucar Mountain). You drive to Praia Vermelha (Red Beach), from where you will take the cable car up the mountain. The first stop is at Mount Urka, which has a wide observation deck where you can grab a bite to eat at a restaurant or bar. There is a smaller platform on Sugar Loaf Mountain itself, but it offers great views of Rio, Copacabana Beach, the bay, the surrounding mountains, islands in the ocean, the Niteroi Bridge, and the statue of Christ.

Then you will go to the central neighborhoods of old Rio, where you will admire several ancient churches, monasteries, the main Cathedral of the city, as well as buildings built in colonial style.

Day 7. Rio de Janeiro

Breakfast at the hotel. Half-day excursion (4 hours) to Corcaovado to the statue of Christ. Arrive at the station where an open, eco-friendly steam train starts and heads through the jungle to the top of Corcovado Hill. Both sides of the railroad offer spectacular views of the Tijuca Forest, home to monkeys and other exotic animals and birds. At the top of Corcovado Hill, 700 m above sea level, stands the symbol of Rio – the statue of Christ the Savior (38 m), which was erected in 1931. From the top of Corcovado you can enjoy a breathtaking panorama of the metropolis and its surroundings: the Niteroi Bridge, Guanabara Bay, the Botanical Gardens, the world’s largest stadium Maracana, Sugar Loaf and much more.

Additionally, you can order:
Helicopter flight over Rio (from $200 for 1 person).

The helicopter pad is located on Sugar Mountain or Lagoa, where the co-prov.

You will fly over Rio de Janeiro in the company of an instructor. The duration of the flight is 8-10 minutes. But even during this time, the majestic panorama of endless golden beaches, the monumental statue of Jesus and Rio lying below adds adrenaline to the bloodstream. An unforgettable sight!

Day 8. Rio de Janeiro to Iguassu.

Transfer to the airport. Flight to Iguassa. Transfer to the hotel.

Day 9. Iguassu Falls – Brazilian Side

A rich excursion program awaits you. You head to the Brazilian side of the Foz do Iguaçu Falls, which border the Iguaçu River Canyon. To say it is a magnificent sight is in no way expressive of the emotions you will be subjected to. The waterfalls are located in a national park with unique flora and fauna. They resulted from volcanic eruption and shifting of the earth’s strata. The name of the waterfalls means “big water” in Guarani. 275 waterfalls, each with its own name, merge into one and come crashing down into the Devil’s Throat Gorge. The sight of water splashes in a halo of the rainbow spectrum is simply mesmerizing. On the way to the most powerful waterfall named Devil’s Throat, you will see many smaller waterfalls. The iridescent splashes of billions of drops of falling water and magnificent scenery evoke an incomparable delight.


it is possible to book a visit to the Bird Park (50$ for 1 person). It is located near the Iguassu National Park. You will enter huge aviaries where amazing, fabulous birds of outlandish colors fly or walk freely among the rainforest.


you can book a Makuko Safari trip ($130 per person). You will drive through the jungle in the open body of a jeep for about 3 kilometers, accompanied by a guide who will tell you a lot of interesting things about the ecology of the region. Then you will walk to the bank of the Iguassu River, from where you will be taken by motorboat close to the waterfalls. Splashes and rainbows, a sea of excitement and unique photos await you.

Day10. Iguassu Waterfalls – Argentine Side

Breakfast. Then Visiting the Argentine side of the waterfalls. The Iguazu Falls are located on the border of Brazil (state of Paraná) and Argentina (Misiones region). To fully experience the majesty and power of the waterfalls, it is necessary to see it from the side of both countries, however, the beauty of the surrounding nature, the abundance of exotic birds and butterflies is breathtaking and during a walk on the numerous bridges built over its Argentine part. While walking through the park, you can see many species of orchids, birds, reptiles and other flora and fauna of the rainforest. The observation decks give a unique feeling of closeness to the might of nature, from where you can enjoy the view of many waterfalls – a unique phenomenon of nature! Several hiking trails have been created in the vicinity of the waterfall. One of the most unforgettable is the eco train ride and then the hike to the Devil’s Throat lookout. From here you can enjoy a mesmerizing panorama of the most powerful and multi-water cascade of the falls.

Day 11. Iguassu to São Paulo

Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to the airport. Flight to São Paulo. Transfer to the hotel. Free time.

Day 12. São Paulo

Breakfast. Transfer to the airport for your international flight.


Cost of travel



Price includes:

-Accommodation in 4* hotels with breakfasts


-Excursions with a Russian-speaking or English-speaking guide (optional)


Not included in the price:

-International flight

-Domestic flights (São Paulo – Manaus – Rio de Janeiro – São Paulo)

-Lunches and dinners

-Medical insurance

-International flight

-International flight: Rio de Janeiro – Iguassu – Rio de Janeiro from $300.