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Brazil: places of power

9 days / 8 nights in Nepal

Tour dates: any dates.

Number of days: 9 days / 8 nights.

Entry into the country: visa for citizens of Russia, USA, Canada, etc. I don’t need it.

Where to: Brazil.

Where to fly: the program starts and ends in Rio de Janeiro.

Accommodation: in hotels from 4*.

Accompaniment: The group is accompanied by an experienced guide in Russian or English (language on request).

Number of people in the group: from 3.

Cost of the tour: 2500 USD.

Any trip is first and foremost a fascinating journey inside yourself. On the road, each of us learns and recognizes our true selves and thus opens ourselves to joy and inspiration. It is in moments like these that we attract new unlimited possibilities into our lives.

We invite you to a unique journey! This itinerary through places of power that help you understand and experience your inner capabilities and true desires. Recharge your energy and enjoy the pristine nature.

On this trip you will visit Rio de Janeiro with its green hills, endless beaches and amazing energy; the Iguazu Falls, embodying the power and majesty of nature; the ecologically clean mountainous region of Visconte de Maua and the charming town of Paraty.

What is a place of power? It is a place of concentration of a special energy that awakens us. It could be a portal where ancient civilizations decided to build a city. Or maybe a place where nature expresses itself particularly vividly. It could be a park or a hotel or a garden whose creators have put high inspiration and love into their creations. It can be the feeling of coziness and complete fulfillment that a person creates around them. After all, food cooked with love – tastier, flowers grown with a soul – more beautiful, and things made with pleasure – more pleasant and attractive.


Rio de Janeiro
Iguassu Falls
Visconde de Maua
Rio de Janeiro


Travel program

Day 1. Rio de Janeiro

Arrival at Rio de Janeiro airport. Transfer to the hotel. If you arrive in the daylight, already on the way from the airport you will see green hills, rocky mountains, palm trees on both sides of the road and beautiful bays. As darkness falls, the city is surrounded by a shimmering necklace – it’s the lights of the favelas! And between the palm trees, sand and ocean waves, it’s a serene vacation! The famous Copacabana and Ipanema, lined with black and white tiles, with cozy cafes open until late at night, where you can quench your thirst with cold coconut water! It’s all in front of you because you are in Rio de Janeiro, one of the most beautiful and exotic cities in the world!

Day 2. Rio de Janeiro

After breakfast, you’ll head to Red Beach where you’ll start your day with an invigorating yoga class right on the beach! Energized by the ocean and sunshine, you will climb up to one of Rio’s special places, Sugarloaf Head.

The first stop is at Mount Urka, which has a wide observation deck. There is a smaller platform on Sugar Loaf Mountain itself, but it offers a mesmerizing view of Rio, Copacabana Beach, the bay, the surrounding mountains, islands in the ocean, the bridge to the city of Niteroi, and the statue of Christ. Then you will go to the central neighborhoods of old Rio, where you will admire several ancient churches, monasteries, the main Cathedral of the city, as well as buildings built in colonial style.

Day 3. Rio de Janeiro – Iguazu Falls – Brazilian side

Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to the airport, flight to Iguazu. Transfer to the hotel.

Today you will enjoy a guided tour of the Brazilian side of Iguazu Falls. The observation decks give a unique feeling of closeness to the might of nature, from where you can enjoy the view of many waterfalls – a unique phenomenon of nature! Two-thirds of the Cascades are located on Argentine territory, one-third belongs to Brazilian possessions. To fully experience the majesty and power of the falls, it is necessary to view it from the side of both states.

Along the gorge of the main cascade is the border between Brazil and Argentina – this is the “Gargante del Diablo”, which means “Devil’s Throat”. An eco-train ride and hike to the Devil’s Throat observation deck offers a mesmerizing panorama of the most powerful and multi-water cascade.

The so-called “lower route” is characterized by closer contact with the cascades, overhanging countless rainbows reflected in millions of splashes. “The Upper Route” covers the highest sector of the falls, the beginning of the formation of the Iguazu Cascades. Return to the hotel on the Brazilian side.

Day 4. Iguazu Falls – Argentine side

Breakfast at the hotel. Guided excursion to the Argentine waterfalls. Across the Tancredo Neves Bridge built over the Iguazu River, the National Park begins, and after hiking through it you will come close to the waterfalls and be directly underneath them, feel the power of the falling water very close and enjoy the natural park around this magnificent beauty! You will see the birth of waterfalls and the most famous waterfall “Devil’s Throat”. Numerous paths and passages created by the hands of people are amazing, allowing to observe this natural phenomenon from a very close distance. We will hike into the National Park and admire the waterfalls from special viewing platforms high above them. Multi-ton water jets form a huge number of waterfalls of various shapes and heights, over which multicolored rainbows overhang. The impressions of this spectacle will stay with you for a lifetime. Especially impressive is the waterfall called Devil’s Throat, which is the largest of the waterfalls. The National Park covers an area of 55,500 hectares, which preserves the diverse and unique flora and fauna unique to the region.

Day 5. Iguazu-Rio de Janeiro-Visconde de Mahua

Transfer to the airport. Flight to Rio de Janeiro. Transfer to Visconde de Maua.

The village of Visconde de Mahua is a fertile valley rich in fruit trees, waterfalls and the purest air. To visit everywhere and live in the real Atlantic forest, we suggest staying in pousadas – traditional cottages and bungalows. Pousar in Portuguese means to land, to relax. This is the type of vacation that small hotels in the mountains offer.⠀

Pousada Terras Altas is a chalet complex in the mountains near the village of Visconde de Maua, 2 km from Aguas Claras Waterfall. It features a freshwater pool, hot tub with panoramic views.⠀

You wake up at dawn and listen to the birds singing, leave the room and bathe in the crystal-clear mountain river.⠀

Day 6. Visconde de Mahua

Breakfast at the hotel. The Visconde de Maua region is known for its hiking, trekking with rivers, waterfalls and natural pools with crystal clear water.

Maringa Village is the main shopping center of the area, and if you feel like going to a restaurant or just strolling down a bustling street, remember the name.⠀

Vila da Maromba is called the village of waterfalls, and it is here that they are the most beautiful and popular in the region.

You will embark on an uncomplicated trekking that passes through 12 waterfalls. This place is called the Garden of Eden. Brazilians believe that bathing in waterfalls means purification. Seclusion with nature without many crowds of tourists awaits you!

Escorrega’s most popular waterfall. Besides the beautiful natural pool, the waterfall has a natural slide that nature itself created.⠀It takes a lot of courage to jump off the 7-meter high rock of Poção da Maromba, but you can just walk along the bottom of the waterfall with the beautiful natural pool.⠀Santa Clara Waterfall is the highest waterfall in the Visconde de Maua region. The entrance to the Santa Clara Valley is 400 meters from the village of Maromba.⠀

Climbing mountains, horseback riding, riding down a water slide or just swimming in a natural pool with the purest water – it’s up to you! ⠀

Day 7. Visconde


– Paraty

Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to Paraty.

This extraordinarily beautiful colonial town has been preserved as it was built in the mid-seventeenth century. Then the Portuguese stumbled upon extensive gold deposits in the central part of the Brazilian highlands quite by accident. A gold rush began in the only Portuguese colony in South America. In order to ship the mined gold to Portugal, a special port was needed close to both the diggings and the ocean. It was from here that ships loaded with gold sailed toward the Old World. In Paraty, you get the feeling that time stopped a couple centuries ago. Paraty has narrow streets paved with large cobblestones, today closed to motorized vehicles; colonial architecture, elegant white buildings with latticed windows. All of this harmonizes with the natural beauty of the surrounding mountains and beautiful ocean views. Brazilian bohemians could not resist the charm of this town, as painters, sculptors and other artistic types began to gather there to enjoy the historical atmosphere of the town and the beauty of the nature of its surroundings. It was soon recognized by UNESCO as one of the most important monuments of Portuguese colonial architecture. Truly – it is an open-air museum!

In the afternoon, a guided tour of Paraty’s historic center awaits you.

Day 8. Parati

Breakfast at the hotel. Today you will be traveling to the village of Trinidad. This fishing village 25 km from Paraty is famous for its white sandy beaches, enchanting ocean views and clear waters. You will visit 3 of the most famous beaches, do a little trekking, and finally swim in a unique natural wonder – a natural rock pool! You can lie in the water, look up at the sky and feel at one with everything.

On the way back to the hotel, stop at a local restaurant (not included).

Day 9. Paraty – Rio de Janeiro

Breakfast at the hotel, transfer to Rio de Janeiro airport.


Cost of travel



Price includes:

-Accommodation in 4* hotels with breakfast in 2-bed rooms

-Excursions with Russian-speaking or English-speaking guide (optional), entrance tickets


Additional Fees:

-Additional excursions

-Food and beverages except breakfasts

-International flight

-International flight: Rio de Janeiro – Iguassu – Rio de Janeiro from $300.