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New Year 2024 in the Land of Kings. Rajasthan and the Taj Mahal

This tour will be interesting for everyone, both women and men will be pleasantly surprised.

We thought a New Year’s Eve trip to India’s Land of Kings should be about what describes India best – DANCES!

And we with Ludmila Vergelis, choreographer and movement specialist created New Year’s Dance Program!

The participants in all our journeys dance, as it happens, of their own accord. When our dancing friends arrive, Argentine tangos and chacarera rumble at any altitude.

And on New Year’s Eve we will dance not spontaneously, but according to the plan:

Improve dance technique and free body movement:

Inside Flow Yoga – yoga dance to music
PortDeBras: Beautiful Hands – technique of hand and body movements to music with elements of improvisation

Learning and Performing:

Indian folk dances. For this we invite a real Indian dancer – a dance teacher.

Bollywood Indian dancing. It is a special art form, fun and requires energy and drive from the dancers)

Argentina’s favorite chacarera!

Russian folk dances.

We enjoy dancing a mix of Russian and Argentine dances, we even have a name for them: chacadrille))))

All dances can be danced by both men and women.
The more of us, the better!

We’ll be sure to record a video. For this purpose, we invite professionals of photo and video shooting.
In addition to workshops, we’ll have dance parties.

Lyudmila Vergelis is a fitness trainer, choreographer, functional and natural movement specialist:
“For as long as I can remember, I’ve been dancing. I dance different dances: folk, modern, mix and improvise. The main idea of my dance is to just get high! I believe that everyone, absolutely all people can dance. It is inherent in nature. As a movement coach, I help make dance easy and safe for people of all ages and fitness levels. My goal is to empower people to live an active life without being self-conscious about their bodies. Having come a long way from being a movement specialist, I have experienced firsthand the effectiveness and safety of the techniques I use in my training and dance practices”

About the New Year’s Eve program for men. A three-day horseback riding course, including horseback riding on the lake. Fishing on the lake, barbecue. Master class in cocktail making.

And most importantly, we spend three days of the dance festival and New Year’s Eve at the Marigold Hotel, the Best of the Exotic! Yes, the same hotel where the legendary English movie was filmed!

Okay, here we go!

  1. Tour dates: from December 29, 2023. through January 06, 2024. (dates of stay in India, no flight).
  2. Number of days: 9 days / 8 nights .
  3. Where to: India.
  4. Where to fly: The program begins and ends in Delhi. The first day is a flight from Delhi to Udaipur.
  5. Accommodation: in high-level hotels*.
  6. Visa: required, can be arranged online for citizens of Russia, Kazakhstan, USA, Canada, etc.
  7. Insurance: standard medical insurance for traveling abroad.
  8. Vaccinations and PCR tests: Covid-19 vaccination and pcr tests are not required.
  9. Cost of the tour: $1,750.
  10. Escort: The group is accompanied by an experienced Russian-speaking guide.


Lake Badi
Taj Mahal

Our guide, Natalia.
For the last 6 years he has been living in the Himalayan Kulu Valley, in the city of Manali. Works as a tour guide in India.
Associate of the International Roerich Memorial Trust in the Himalayas in 2019-2022.

Travel program

Day 1. Delhi, flight to Udaipur
Arrive in Delhi at 3:20am and transfer to a domestic flight to Udaipur.
The 7:10 a.m. flight.
Arrival in Udaipur at 8:30 am.
Transfer to Hotel Ravla Khempur.
Accommodation and introduction to the legendary 1620-built hotel made famous in the movies “Marigold Hotel Best of the Exotic” and “Marigold Hotel Check-in Continues”.
After brunch and rest, we begin the first dance workshop:
– Inside Flow Yoga
– PortDeBras: Beautiful hands
– Argentine chacarera
Dance party

Day 2. Breakfast on the beach, horseback riding.
Early departure to the lake. A light breakfast on the beach.
Morning dance yoga and PortDeBras by Ludmila Vergelis.
Breakfast at the hotel.
Meet the Marwari horses. Riding lesson.
Master class on traditional Indian dances
Bollywood Indian dance master class
A screening of the movie “Marigold Hotel: Best of the Exotic” with the hotel owners talking about the filming of the movie
Dance party

Day 3. Dec. 31. New Year’s Eve
Morning dance yoga and PortDeBras by Ludmila Vergelis
Master class on Russian folk dances
Preparation for professional photo and video shoots in hotel interiors:
Master class on putting on saris (for girls) and turbans (for men)
* saris and turbans – a gift to guests from the hotel owners Marigold
Hand coloring with henna
Continued filming
Early dinner
Holidays before New Year’s Eve
New Year’s Eve party: festive dinner, dancing, fireworks

Day 4. Puja at the Krishna temple
Late breakfast
Festive puja (service at Krishna temple) for the well-being and health of the group members
Master class on preparation of Rajasthani dishes
A master class on painting Rajasthani miniatures.
A walk through the authentic village around the castle and relaxation
Dancing around the campfire

Day 5. Lake Pichola
Transfer to Udaipur. Travel time is 1.5 hours.
We settle in a cozy hotel and go to get acquainted with beautiful Udaipur, the ancient capital of the Rajput principality of Mewar.
Udaipur – The White City of Rajasthan, the Venice of India, is famous for fine cuisine, incredibly beautiful lakes, ancient palaces, miniature paintings.
The program includes a visit to the City Palace on Lake Pichola. It consists of 11 inner palaces, you can take a long walk there and learn about the history of the rulers of Udaipur.
Boat trip on Lake Pichola.Stop at Jag Mandir Island.
Evening dance folk show: ancient dances of Rajasthan.
Dinner at the hotel restaurant overlooking Udaipur at night.

Day 6. Monsoon Palace and a walk around the city
We meet the sunrise at Badi Lake and Bahubali Hill.
Back to the hotel and breakfast.
Morning walk in the center with a visit to the Jagdish Mandir Temple, the temple of Vishnu, a world pilgrimage site and a unique architectural ensemble. Many travelers go to Udaipur for this temple.
We stroll through the many stores in Udaipur where you can buy fabrics, quality handicrafts, semi-precious stone and silver jewelry.
Admiring the sunset at the Monsoon Palace, perched high above the city. It has a beautiful view of the city and lakes of Udaipur.

Day 7. Agra
Udaipur to Delhi domestic flight. It’s a 2-hour drive
Transfer to Agra. It’s a 5-6 hour trip
A walk through the city

Day 8. Akbar Castle, Taj Mahal.
Today we go to Agra Fort: the castle of Akbar, a prominent Mughal ruler who changed the course of India’s history. The fort is both a palace and a fortification structure. No Akbar and Mughal movie is without shooting in this place. The Taj Mahal can be seen from the walls of the fort.
Admiring the Taj Mahal at sunset, from the back side of the complex, where all the view panoramas and movies are usually shot.

Day 9. Delhi
The final event of our trip is a visit to the Taj Mahal complex in the morning. We walk around the huge beautiful grounds, go inside the tomb.
Lunch in Agra
Departing for Delhi to be at the Delhi airport at night


Cost of travel



The cost of the trip includes:

-Participation in all program activities
-All dance workshops
-Lodging in good hotels* in a room for two (single supplement of $300)
-Breakfasts in all hotels 29.12- 06.01
-Breakfasts, Lunches and Dinners at Hotel Ravla Khempur (29.12 – 01.01)
-Breakfasts and Dinners in Udaipur (02.01 – 04.01)
-New Year’s Eve Night (dinner, alcoholic drinks and festive program)
-All transportation during the trip from Udaipur airport on December 29, 2023 to Delhi airport on January 06, 2024
-All admission tickets
-The first aid kit
-Information and organizational support
-Help with e-visa processing.

Not included in the price of the trip:

-International flight
-Delhi to Udaipur (Udaipur) domestic flight on 12/29/2023, $50-$60/hr
-Udaipur Delhi domestic flight 04/01/2023, $50-$60.
-Cost of Indian visa with our processing:
For 1 month 5000 rubles (55$)
For 1 year 6500 rubles (70$)
For 5 years 10600 rubles ($115)

-Medical insurance $25 (or it is usually included in a corporate or banking package)
-Lunches and dinners not included in the price

The Kehloor (Udaipur) is a modern, upscale boutique hotel
Ravla Khempur (a suburb of Udaipur) is a 1620 built castle, a historic building known worldwide as “Marigold Hotel Best of Exotic”
Radisson (Agra) – modern hotel of international level