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Mystic Peru

28 July
05 August

Mystic Peru

This is an author’s tour to the heart of Peru – the Sacred Valley in the Andes. It’s a place with a huge history, going back far before the Incas settled this land. Here, every stone can tell you a legend.

This trip is for those who want to penetrate with a knowledgeable and in love with Peru guide under the veil of the official version of Peruvian history, which hides a reality different from the reality written in textbooks.

It is a journey along “unhiked” trails, which are almost never shown to tourists, because they do not fit in the historical version, which has long been established in the world.

This journey is also for those who are interested to know the inner side of Human Life, to experience how people of ancient times, being in harmony with Nature, comprehended the very core of the universe, expanding the boundaries of their own perception.

We will contemplate and be present among the constructions of ancient Civilizations, listening to the mysterious sounds of pristine Nature and charging with positive energy.

This tour is for those who are interested in the history of ancient civilizations, as well as for those who like to walk in the mountains. Three unforgettable one-day treks of medium difficulty await you – to the Rainbow Mountains, to the mountain lake Umantai and to the mountain Huana Picchu.

Those who wish can go through the ceremony with the San Pedro cactus. In addition to the excursion program, those who wish can stay for a ceremony with ayahuasca with a proven shaman.

Tour dates: July 28 to August 5, 2023 (9 days / 8 nights)

Additional program with a shaman: August6-9 (4 days / 3 nights) (for those who wish)

Number of days: 9 days / 8 nights (additional program 4 days / 3 nights).

Where to: Peru.

Where to fly to: The program starts and ends in Cusco.

Accommodation: in 4* hotels.

Entry into the country: for citizens of the USA, Canada, Russia, Ukraine, etc. You don’t need a visa.

Cost of the tour: $2,200

Number of people in the group: from 6 to 14.


Korikancha Temple - Sacsayhuaman - Kenko Fertility Temple - Tambomachay
Pisac - Moray - Salineras.
Chinchero to Ollantaytambo to Aguas Calientes.
Machu Picchu
Umantai Glacial Lake
Devil's Balcony - Zone X - Inquiltambo - Pumamarca.
Rainbow Mountains

Our group will be accompanied by our guide Roman, who has lived in this country for over 20 years. He’s not just a tour guide who tells facts. He is a guide with whom you can visit Peru of Inca times and earlier. He truly loves his work with all his heart. Roman is a true explorer. He has discovered many places himself and has his own version of the origin of many ancient monuments / statues / found artifacts. His version is different from the “book” version, and it’s backed up by facts.

Roman has been through over 100 ayahuasca ceremonies himself and has extensive experience accompanying people to these ceremonies.



Travel program

Day 1. KUSKO. Arrival. Encounter. Accommodation.

Arrival in Cusco. Airport pickup. Transfer to the hotel. Acclimatization at an altitude of 3400 m. City sightseeing walking tour.
Overnight in a hotel in Cusco.

Day 2. CUSCO and the surrounding area. Korikancha Temple – Sacsayhuaman – Kenko Fertility Temple – Tambomachay

Getting to know the city. We’ll visit the famous Gilded Temple of Coricancha. By minibus we will go up to the huge megalithic construction called Sacsayhuaman, where stones properly fitted to each other can weigh up to 200 tons. Then, travel onward to the Kenko Fertility Temple and from there to Tambomachay, where living water springs are preserved in perfect ancient masonry. In the evening we return to Cusco.

Overnight in a hotel in Cusco.


In the morning, depart with your belongings by van to the Lodge in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. After accommodation at the lodge, we depart for Pisac. It is a small colonial-era town that is home to a famous artisan market where people from different villages bring their wares. But first, the minibus will take us to the mountain path, where we will make a short hike to Intihuatana, a sacred place where inside a rounded tower there is the so-called Attachment of the Sun (Intihuatana), a rock that was considered the place where the gods descended. After exploring this place, we will take the mountain trail down to Pisac where our car will be waiting for us. Then we will travel further, reaching a unique place in the mountains called Moray. There are several huge hollows in the ground in the form of amphitheaters. The mystery of this place is obscured by the story that there was a laboratory here under the Incas, where they were engaged in the selection and breeding of certain plants. But, you have to see the place with your own eyes to realize that it has nothing to do with such a theory. Then, we continue again and reach Salineras in Maras, where natural salt is mined in a geological fault in the earth with the help of sun, water and wind.

Overnight in a hotel in Cusco.



After breakfast we leave for Chinchero, which is not only the center of textile handmade alpaca wool products, but also a picturesque colonial-era town standing right on a giant stepped pyramid mountain. It will take us a considerable amount of time to examine the pyramid. Then, back to our minibus and onward to Ollantaytambo, where another sacred site is located, also dating back to the pre-Inca era. Here, in fact, we will see the “technologies of the gods” executed in granite and basalt. After seeing this amazing place, we walk down to the train station which is nearby, board the train and ride for about 1 hour and 45 minutes to Aguas Calientes (Hot Springs) station, essentially the precursor to Machu Picchu.

Overnight at a hotel in Aguas Calientes.



After breakfast, we head to the entrance of the ancient city of Machu Picchu. Upon entering Machu Picchu, we will begin to explore this fabulous city under the clouds by walking through its labyrinths and pathways. After passing the upper tier of the ancient city, we will come to the passage that leads to Huayna Picchu – the famous mountain, from where we will see the lost city from a bird’s eye view. Huayna Picchu itself, is also a pyramid, its upper part still retaining platform-steps and polygonal masonry. After descending from Huayna Picchu, we’ll walk through the lower tier of Machu Picchu and catch up on everything along the way. Back to Aguas Calientes. We have lunch and head back on the train ride to Ollantaytambo. In Ollantaytambo, we transfer to a minibus and drive to our hotel in Cusco.

Overnight in a hotel in Cusco.


Day 6. KUSKO – LAGUNA UMANTAI with Ice Lake – trekking.

It is a very picturesque place with snow caps of the Andes and crystal clear turquoise lake water.
In the morning we leave on a beautiful road towards the glacial mountain lake Umantai. The road will pass among the colorful landscapes of central mountainous Peru. After reaching the beginning of the hiking trail, we will start our hike at an altitude of about 3800 meters and ascend to the lagoon located at an altitude of 4250 meters. The entire hike will take 5-6 hours.
For those wishing to ease their way, horses can be hired for a fee right on site.

Overnight in a hotel in Cusco.



Today we will visit non-tourist places.

Devil’s Balcony – this place is still used by the local Indians as a ritual site for their ceremonies dedicated to Mother Earth.

In Area X, there are grottoes and tunnels hidden in the stone-encased hill.

Inquiltambo – here the surviving acoustic chambers cut inside the natural rock have been deposited in pyramidal platforms. Apparently, this place was once used to undergo certain ceremonies related to changing consciousness through sound and vibrations.

Toward evening we reach the beautiful ruins of Pumamarca.

Overnight in a hotel in Cusco.



In the morning we leave for the Rainbow Mountains in the Andes. The Rainbow Mountains are a new wonder of the world that National Geographic has included in its “100 Places to Visit in a Lifetime.” It’s a whole multicolored valley with all the colors of the rainbow. The existence of the rainbow mountain became known not long ago, it was revealed to the world from the fact that due to global warming on the mountain melted snow and all the beauty of this place was exposed. The first tourists came to see Rainbow Mountain in 2016.
The hike will start from an elevation of 4700m and climb to 5040m, where we will get a panorama of the Rainbow Mountains and the surrounding valleys. The entire hike will take 5-6 hours.

Overnight in a hotel in Cusco.


Day 9. End of the excursion program. Commencement of ceremonies for those who wish to attend (ceremony 1)
Those who wish may fly home from Cusco (transfer to Cusco airport).
For those who stay for the ceremony: transfer to Pisac (1 hour from Cusco), rest and prepare for the ceremony. The ceremony starts around 8 p.m.

Day 10. PISAK (ceremony2).

The ceremony starts around 8 p.m.

Day 11. PISAK (ceremony3).

The ceremony starts around 8 p.m.

Day 12. PISAK – CUSCO.

Transfer to the airport in Cusco. The flight home.

The end of the journey.



Cost of travel


$2200 This is the cost of the program from July 28 to August 5 (without ceremonies)

Price includes:

– accompaniment along the whole route by a Russian-speaking guide,

– all 4* hotels along the route (in rooms for 2 people),

– hotel breakfasts,

– transportation – all moves in your own minibus,

– train tickets (Ollantaytambo to Aguas Calientes and back),

– all entrance fees to places where they are required, including Machu Picchu,

– Transfers from / to the airport in Cusco (if you arrive and depart on program days).

Not included in the price:

– international air travel,

– domestic airfare Lima – Cusco – Lima (about 100-150$)

– lunches and dinners,

– Single room supplement of $300 (optional),

– medical insurance for those traveling abroad.


Optional program with ceremonies with a shaman (with ayahuasca):
August 6 to 9 (4 days / 3 nights).

For a group of no more than 8 people.

Cost 1000$ (USD)
– 3 ayahuasca ceremonies accompanied by a trusted shaman and an experienced interpretive guide,
– hotel accommodation (for rest after the ceremonies),
– transfers.