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Tibet is open!

On March 15, 2023, China announced the issuance of tourist visas. And since Tibet is part of the PRC, it is also open for visits. You can sign up for our tours to be the first to get in after more than 3 years of closure.

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The season for traveling in Tibet is from late April to early October (other times in Tibet are very cold).

In Tibet we get answers to our deepest questions:
“Who am I?”, “Why do I live?”, “How do I learn to love?”, “How to be Happy?”, “How to be more effective and realize my maximum potential?”, “What is my purpose?”

The soul finds peace, it comes home. Apparently, this is the main thing that has attracted pilgrims from all over the world for centuries. There is a certain source in Tibet that helps you move to a higher level of Awareness. What they call the source: Buddha, Shiva, Kailas, Meru, God, Samadhi, Nirvana – it doesn’t matter. It is a catalyst that accelerates the evolution of the individual Soul. Having had this experience, we move on, carrying it within us.

Everyone who has been to Tibet speaks of great inner transformations. Our personal experience confirms: people become cleaner, quieter, calmer, happier, more loving and accepting. Fears and worries go away, there is more confidence in life. New abilities and superpowers are discovered. Seeing this, other Seekers also rush to Tibet.

The main routes in Tibet:

  1. The bark around Mount Kailash. The duration of this tour is at least 13 days, as Kailash needs to be reached and acclimatized on the way to the altitude. Arrival in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, and flight home from Lhasa. Visiting Buddhist monasteries, temples, sacred lakes. The culminating part of the trip is the bark around Mount Kailash (circumambulation of the mountain), taking 3 days. This is a hike of medium complexity at an altitude of 4,570 m to 5,700 m above sea level.
    Mount Kailash is the most powerful place of power on our planet. It is considered the 7th chakra of our planet. Followers of the four world religions consider Kailash a sacred place and make pilgrimages to it. The circumambulation of Mount Kailash can purify karma, that is, erase all the causes that lead us to illness, poverty, loneliness, and failure in life.
  2. Journey with a stop at Everest Base Camp. The duration of this tour is at least 13 days. We usually combine a trip to Mount Kailash with a visit to Everest Base Camp by stopping there on the way to Kailash.
    Mount Everest (Jomolungma in Tibetan) is the highest mountain on our planet (8,848 m). On our trip, we are not climbing to the top of a mountain, as professional climbers do, but to The altitude is 5,200 meters, from where it opens up in all its beauty.
  3. Tour of the capital of Tibet, Lhasa, the former residence of the Dalai Lam and Panchen Lam, Buddhist monasteries and temples. The tour is suitable for people of all genders and ages, as there is no hiking. The duration of the tour is 6-8 days.

The season for travel in Tibet is from late April to October.

Based on your requests and wishes, we will form groups with experienced guides for the 2023 season.

For groups of 2 people will make an itinerary on request for any date and any number of days.


We will make an itinerary according to your request for any dates and any number of days.

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