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It is often said that in India…

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It is often said – India is unsanitary. And I’m surrounded by people who start their mornings by praying to the gods. And before praying, you have to wash and clean the house. If the morning finds an Indian in the mountains, he will wet his hair with water and first apologize to Krishna for not having washed today and begin the prayer.

It’s often said – India is intestinal infections. And I see people making food strictly for one meal…..

It’s often said – India is intestinal infections. And I see people cooking food strictly for one meal. One day, my group and I stayed late for dinner at the hotel. The cook calls in a panic: everything is already on the table, it will get cold. I calmly reply, it’s okay, we’ll warm it up. ” How?” – Howled the cook. – “You can’t do that. I’d rather make a new one.” My explanation that it was our tradition to make a week’s worth of food, put it in the fridge and gradually reheat it, left him in deep culture shock.

It’s often said – in India they burn corpses, and there’s this ash everywhere, and you can’t wash away the smell. And I have never once in five years had the urge to go to the crematorium, a special place on the river where burial rites are performed. However, I didn’t go to crematoria in Moscow either, it wasn’t my thing. So the first and last rule of fight club is don’t go to crematoriums and don’t tear up in Varanasi, especially if it’s your first time in India.

India has the pure mountains, clear water and delicious food of the Himalayas, there are the castles of Rajasthan where we are welcomed like kings and queens, where everything is arranged to please our senses.

You don’t have to go to Varanasi, you don’t have to eat in questionable places or walk around the back alleys of Delhi.

There are untold treasures in huge wonderful India – Ajanta caves, national parks, Roerichs’ estate, Tibetan bells, reserved Himalayan valleys, gorgeous saris that make everyone a beauty, courteous people who know how to treat foreigners (the British Empire is unforgivable).

And you can suffer in other places, if you really need to suffer.

A lot of other things are being said. But probably the most important thing I can answer is this:

The East is truly a different world. Our expectations, habits, patterns don’t work here at all. And there is a unique opportunity to change, to see a very, very different self, to marvel at yourself.

To do this, we need to remember the cool quality sewn into us from childhood: lu-bo-pity!

And then you’ll have something to contradict Kipling, who once said:

“West is West, East is East, and together they will never come together.”

Our main objective as travel organizers to India is to make your trip a gentle one. Show the most beautiful things, let India love you, open doors to ancient temples, ancient castles, feed you delicious food and hug you.

And then your hearts will open to a new happiness. You will become braver and come home different.

Author of the article: Natalia Zubchenko, India guide.

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