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Mexican Paradise

17 March
21 March

Mexican Paradise

On this trip you will rest your body and soul, swim in the amazingly beautiful “seven-color lake”, touch the wisdomof the ancient cities of the Mayan era, visit the iconic pyramids of those times. Experience the silence of the inner world by plunging into the underground waters of Mexico’s karst lakes, which were sacred to the indigenous inhabitants and were the entrance to another world – the world of spirits and deities living deep beneath the earth.

You will also be staying in old colonial towns that you can’t help but fall in love with – Spujil, Palenque, Campeche, Merida and Cancun. Each of them is unique, bright and distinctive in its own way. You will visit cute cafes where the national mariachi songs are played and sung. Feel the amazing spirit of Mexican towns that have preserved their appearance, culture and traditions for centuries.

Tour dates: 15.01, 03.02, 12.02, 17.03, 07.04, 25.04, 14.05, 09.06, 30.06, 21.07, 11.08, 01.09, 22.09, 13.10 You can book the tour on any of these dates (the date indicated is the first day of the tour). Groups for these dates are confirmed from 2 people and will not be canceled due to shortage.

Number of days: 5 days / 4 nights.

Where to: Mexico.

Where to fly: The program begins and ends in Cancun.

Accommodation: in hotels 4****.

Vaccinations and PCR tests: not required.

Cost of the tour: 1100 USD.

Escort: The group is accompanied by an experienced Russian-speaking guide.


Chichen Itza


Travel program


In the first half, we depart Cancun for the most beautiful Mayan city located on the Caribbean Sea. It is in Tulum that you get the most beautiful photos of your entire vacation. Then you will tour the amazingly beautiful Lake Bakalar, which is called the “seven-colored lake” because of the different color tones combining in it: from turquoise to blue. In the evening – arrival in Shpuhil, accommodation at the hotel (eco-lodge).

DAY 2.
PALENQUE (370 km).

Breakfast. In the morning you will go to the ancient Mayan city of Becan, the picturesque ruins of which rise above the treetops and keep the secrets of ancient ages. Che tallest building in Bekan is 32 meters high and offers a stunning view of the jungle.

Another Mayan city hidden in the virgin jungle and scheduled for our visit is Chicanna, which translates to “House of the Snake’s Mouth”. What sets the buildings apart is the mix of architectural styles and the stunning detailed ornamentation of the buildings. There are no large pyramids here, but there are relatively small buildings with richness and quality of finish, suggesting that the city was an important cultural center where the elite lived.

After the tour, depart for the city of Palenque (Chiapas). In the evening – arrival in Palenque, accommodation in a 4* hotel. Free time to relax or walk around the city.


Breakfast. The archaeological area of Palenque was one of the most important cities of the Classic Maya period, ruled by one of the most powerful dynasties, which belonged to the famous Pacal, whose images you will see on all the souvenirs of the region. Your guide will tell you about it and the legends associated with the mysterious city. To this day, over 90% of the city is still overgrown jungle and the city holds many mysteries. The most famous buildings are the Temple of Inscriptions, where the tomb of Pacal was found, the Palace, the Temple of the Sun, the aqueduct, which supplied water to the city and served as a gateway to the underworld, according to Mayan beliefs. Since 1987, the city has been under the protection of Unesco.

Transfer to the city of Campeche. You will stroll through narrow colonial streets, see the real fortress walls that have withstood numerous pirate attacks.

Accommodation in a 4* hotel.

Day 4. Campeche – Ushmal (160 km) – Mérida.

Breakfast. In the morning you will depart for the majestic Ushmal, which is the subject of numerous legends. It is said that the pyramid temple of the Wizard was built in just one night, and the town is still inhabited by forest guards – alushas. The Ruler’s Palace, Turtle House, Pigeon Court, Women’s Monastery – all this you will see here, in the unique Ushmal.

Later, you will enter the world of Spanish aristocrats and visit the colonial city of Mérida. An evening stroll through the city.

Overnight in a 4* hotel.


After breakfast, you will depart for Chichen Itza. This ancient city is one of the New Seven Wonders of the World and is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Pyramid of Kukulkan, the Temple of the Warriors, the world’s largest ball court Pok-ta-Pok, the Temple of the Jaguars, the Observatory and other buildings of the city will appear before you and amaze you with their grandeur.

Next, you’ll be treated to a swim in a crystal clear karst lake or cenote, where you can experience the healing properties of the underground waters.

Arrival in Cancun.



Cost of travel



Children up to 12 years old get up to 50% off!

The price of the tour includes:

  • Otel 4**** (except for Spuhill, at Spuhill Eco-Lodge);
  • Full breakfasts (buffet or American) (in case of early check-out – lunch box);

  • Guide services in Russian;

  • Entrance tickets to all attractions on the program;

  • Transfers.

The tour price does not include:

  • Hotel accommodation before and after the end of the tour;
  • Tip to the guide and driver;

  • Lunches and dinners;

  • Single room supplement of $200;
  • Medical insurance (optional).